Elizabeth started school on 18 August 2009. A few pictures are in the Old Dad blog, and more at Elizabeth. And I do promise to upload some of the past 2+ years' photos soon!

Maisy Kean

Elaine and Fraser are delighted to announce the arrival of a baby girl, Maisy, weighing 9 lb, on 14 May 2007. For pictures, select Maisy from the menu.


15 May 2007 - I recently uploaded lots more piccies of Elizabeth, dating back to last September.

12 September 2006 - I've uploaded pictures of our recent holiday in Isle of Whithorn, Dumfries and Galloway. I also uploaded more piccies of Elizabeth (including a few duplicates of holiday snaps) a few weeks ago, but haven't got round to updating this page until now.

12 May 2006 - I've uploaded pictures of our (not very) recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales.

12 May 2006 - I've uploaded loads of new piccies of Elizabeth. Incidentally, just today, she decided she can walk.

The Inca Trail

25 March 2006 - Christine will shortly be walking the Inca Trail for Oxfam. Why not visit her sponsorship page and pledge some money?

Poppy Arwen Kean

Elaine and Fraser are delighted to announce the arrival of a baby girl, Poppy Arwen, weighing 8 lb 5 oz, on 6 December 2005, at Ayrshire Central Hospital. For pictures, select Poppy from the menu.


Now that this site seems to be getting updated a bit more often, I ought to establish a couple of ground rules. All new entries should appear at the top, and be dated.

30 October 2005 - I've uploaded lots of new piccies, including some from Cousin Liam's Hallowe'en party, to Elizabeth.

28 August 2005 - I've duplicated some of the holiday pictures in Elizabeth.

27 August 2005 - I've uploaded (at last!) some pictures of our holiday in Oban.

5 June 2005 - I've uploaded some pictures of Elaine's and Fraser's wedding.

I've recently uploaded some pictures of Natalie's 21st.

Given how little progress I've made with the Old Dad blog, the last thing I needed was another blog. So here's Pebbles and shells.

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Helen and David McLaughlin are delighted to announce the arrival of a baby girl, weighing in at 7 lb 2 oz (3.25 kg) at 9:07 pm on 30th December, 2004. Elizabeth was born at home (as planned).

For news of Elizabeth, check out the Old Dad blog. The novelty quickly wore off, but I might add to it again one day.

Elizabeth sleeping

More pictures are available on selecting Elizabeth from the menu.

Many thanks to independent midwife Allison Ewing for all her antenatal support, and to her colleague Nessa McHugh, who provided backup on the day.

Friends of the family will know that Helen's sister, Ruth, was also expecting a baby, due on 18th December. If anyone was running a book on when the babies would arrive, I suspect the odds against one turning up 12 days late, and the other 6 days early, on the same day would be pretty remote; but that's what happened!

Watch this site for more news and pictures in the coming days.

Elizabeth's early arrival means that the redesign of this site is not quite ready - please bear with us if it's a bit rough.

Please address any comments to David.