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Two new sites hit the Web

The Grue's Editor, Dave McLaughlin, has created two new web-sites. The first is The Govan Chairman's own site, at www.govan-chairman.com. That contains not only the gallery of chairs taken from the Grue's own site (see below), but also a new departure, the Tam O' Shanter plaque.

The plaque is cast in resin, and is available for sale from the site, with secure server handling of credit card numbers.

The other new site is www.mclaughlin.org.uk, and was opened simply because it was available. At the moment, it simply points visitors back here, but soon it will have a life of its own.

Paint the web red

Ever designed a web page? Having trouble choosing just the right colour? This single page explains, from the very basics, just how hexadecimal numbers work and how they can be used to select colours.

As if that's not enough, the article ends with a handy colour mixer, in the form of a prototype Java applet. If you'd rather have it in the form of a Windows application, that too is available to download.

Banish boring brown food

Vegetarian food needn't be all lentils and mung beans. This new site shows how vegetarian food can be fun.

Wood ye credit it?

John McLaughlin, the "Govan Chairman" now has his own web site! He produces the most intricately carved wooden chairs, taking discarded pieces of wood and transforming them into unique works of art.

The Grue's own gallery shows twelve of his works.

SCA website in its fourth year

The Scottish Croquet Association's website has been a mainstay of Grue since its inception. This site is packed with useful information for anyone considering taking up croquet in Scotland, from the list of clubs and contacts to the forthcoming fixtures list.

Don't miss the Guide to croquet in the same section.

In the Review

This feature, recently acquired from CompuServe, provides links to many web sites of interest to the web designer.

The way we were

Regular Grue readers may not approve of our austere new looks. New readers may not know what all the fuss is about. Here is your chance to relive a bygone era.

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