Absence of Build over Agreement

An absence of a build over agreement can cause headaches for homeowners and developers alike. This is especially true when it comes to building extensions or making changes near or over public sewers.

A build over agreement is a legal document that outlines how a proposed structure will affect public sewers and how the structure can be built without damaging those sewers. Without this agreement in place, property owners may be liable for damages caused by their construction work.

One of the major consequences of not having a build over agreement is that it can leave homeowners vulnerable to legal action from local water authorities. If damage is caused to the public sewer system due to a homeowner`s construction work, the authorities may seek to recover the costs of repairs from the homeowner. This can be a significant financial burden, which is why it is important to have a build over agreement in place.

Developers also need to be aware of the risks of proceeding without a build over agreement. Building over public sewers without permission can result in fines and even legal action. Developers may also be responsible for the costs of any damage caused to the sewer system.

In addition to the legal risks, there are practical considerations to be aware of when building over public sewers. If damage is caused to the sewer system, this can lead to significant disruption and inconvenience for local residents. Repair work may be required, which can involve digging up roads and footpaths and causing traffic issues.

It is always advisable to seek professional advice when planning construction work near or over public sewers. Experienced engineers and surveyors can assess the risks and help you to obtain the necessary permissions and agreements.

In summary, an absence of a build over agreement can be a costly mistake for property owners and developers. By taking the time to obtain the necessary permissions and agreements, it is possible to avoid legal and financial risks and ensure that construction work is carried out safely and responsibly.